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About me

For me, art is a way of life and comes as naturally as breathing. It is incredibly therapeutic for me and I express myself best through my creations. I am a colour abstract artist, creating powerful, striking pieces across a variety of finishes from canvas, to resin discs. I love to explore colour, shape, texture and media. My work is constantly evolving so please join me on Instagram to keep up with my work and see me in action.


Colour defines me as an artist. Vibrant, punchy colours that form the foundation of everything I create. Colour has no end and no beginning, there are no limits, no rules and I constantly extend colour palettes to push the boundaries and produce work that defies convention.


I love to mix up my media and work with different textures and materials. Combining fluid painting, resin art and sewing involves a long process that allows me to immerse myself in the work and produce layers of technique that give the final piece more life and complexity. Experimentation with media, materials and processes is what really drives the final creation. And when I start with a concept, it builds whilst I go through the various stages, particularly with fluid painting which produces different results each time.


Nature and the colours around us are endlessly inspiring for me, and I spend my time capturing astoundingly beautiful patterns and colours in trees, flowers, leaves, ice, stones and water. Often found on walks with my dogs and a camera in my hand, I come back to the studio bursting with new concepts and ideas.


I was Born in Dublin, I have lived in the UK for over 15 years and currently live in Oxford and London. I have a large studio at home, allowing me to combine the fun of being a Mum and artist and get the best of both worlds. My combined background of fine art, product design, teaching and interior design has culminated in the artist I am today and gives me the wisdom and freedom to create from the heart.

My Processes & Supplies